AI Meetup (Washington DC): AI, GenAI, LLMs and ML

Jul 22, 06:30 PM EDT. Add to calendar: Google | Yahoo
  • US-Washington DC (Excella, 2300 Wilson Blvd #600, Arlington, VA) AICamp
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Welcome to the monthly in-person AI meetup in Washington DC, in collaboration with Excella. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML, food/drink, networking with speakers & peers developers

* 6:30pm~6:50pm: Checkin, Food/drink and networking
* 6:50pm~7:00pm: Welcome/community update
* 6:30pm~8:00pm: Tech talks and Q&A
* 8:00pm: Happy Hour at Courthouse Social (cross the street)

Tech Talk: Streamlit: A faster way to build and share data apps
Speaker: Tony Kipemboi (Streamlit)
Abstract: In today's data-driven world, the ability to rapidly develop, deploy, and share data applications is crucial. This talk will introduce Streamlit, an open-source and user-friendly Python framework that enables data practitioners to create interactive data apps with a few lines of code. We'll explore how Streamlit simplifies the process of turning data scripts into shareable web applications, allowing for faster iteration and easier collaboration.

Tech Talk: Building a Production-ready RAG System
Speaker: Josh Reini (TruLens)
Abstract: 2023 was the year of flashy demos, 2024 is the year of production. This talk will walk through how to identify success metrics for RAG, rapidly experiment with different app configurations, add guardrails to eliminate hallucinations, and monitor when you push to production. Attendees will learn key skills including how to use TruLens feedback functions for evaluation, how to write TruLens logs to Snowflake or any other remote database, how to add TruLens components to any Streamlit dashboard, and how to set up monitoring in a Streamlit dashboard from TruLens logs.

Stay tuned as we are updating speakers and schedules. If you have a keen interest in speaking to our community, we invite you to submit topics for consideration: Submit Topics

We are actively seeking sponsors to support AI developers community.  Whether it is by offering venue spaces, providing food, or cash sponsorship. Sponsors will not only have the chance to speak at the meetups, receive prominent recognition, but also gain exposure to our extensive membership base of 5,000+ AI developers in Washington DC or 350K+ worldwide.

Excella, 2300 Wilson Blvd #600, Arlington, VA

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Tony Kipemboi, Josh Reini

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