AI Seminar (Virtual): Accelerating AI and Analytics

Jun 27, 07:00 PM PDT
  • Virtual () Outerbounds
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The live session is at Jun 27th: 7PM PT / 10PM ET; Jun 28: 10AM SGT / 12PM AEST. If you can not make the live event, still register to receive the recording.

Josh Patterson is the co-founder and CEO of Voltron Data, a company on a mission to accelerate standardized data processing and enable faster, more efficient analytics and AI workflows. Previously, Josh was Director of Engineering at NVIDIA and Director of Data Science at Accenture. He also co-founded the RAPIDS open-source project for GPU-accelerated data science and machine learning.

In this fireside chat, Josh joins Hugo Bowne-Anderson to discuss the future of data processing and how it impacts data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data leaders. They'll explore:

  • The evolution of open standards for data processing, such as Apache Arrow and IBIS, and the challenges in moving beyond legacy APIs;
  • ‚ÄčThe renewed importance of performance and fast feature engineering in the era of large language models and advanced AI applications;
  • Cybersecurity as a critical and challenging domain for machine learning, requiring innovations across diverse data types and processing frameworks;
  • An overview of Voltron Data's ecosystem of open-source projects and how they enable flexible, efficient analytics and model development workflows;
  • Perspectives on the future of data processing and how it will shape the work of data scientists, ML engineers, and platform teams.
  • Join us for a discussion on the cutting edge of data processing and AI, and discover new tools and approaches to accelerate your analytics and machine learning projects!

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