Gen AI Hackathon for Building RAG Applications and Fine-tuning

Jun 01, 09:00 AM PDT
  • San Francisco (MindsDB, 3154 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110) Upstage
  • 231 RSVP

Welcome to monthly generative AI hackathon in San Francisco.

We are partnering up with Upstage, MindsDB, LangChain, Together AI, and MongoDB to bring together developers and hackers for the Generative AI Hackathon in San Francisco. During this one-day event, your team will have the opportunity to utilize APIs from all of our hackathon partners' products and build projects to compete for prizes. The prizes will be given to the team that uses full-stack LLM components in the following tracks:

  • Track 1: Building end-to-end RAG applications
  • Track 2: Fine-tuning for real-world use cases
  • Prizes:

  • Upstage: $3,000 API credits for Best Use of Upstage full-stack LLM components
  • MongoDB: $1,500 cash for Best Use of Atlas Vector Search
  • Together AI: $2,500 API credits and AirPods Max for Best Use of Together API
  • LangChain: $1,000 in LangSmith credits to the top team
  • Throughout the day, we will have tech talks, hands-on workshops and tutorials, mentor office hours, and more. Apply now to come hack with us.

    - 8:30am: Door opens
    - 9:00am: hackathon opening
    - 9:30am: tech talks, tutorials, form teams
    - 10:30am: hack starts, office hours
    - 12:30pm: lunch break
    - 1:00pm: hack continues, office hour
    - 5:00pm: dinner break
    - 6:30pm: Demo&Judging
    - 7:30pm: Awards &Celebration!

    Teams Formation and Registration:
    Please try your best to form teams beforehand. Join the Slack for team registration, formation and matching: Join Slack (after join, browse and join the channel: #hack-sf-240601)

    - Must be running code and cannot be PowerPoint slides.
    - Recorded video of code running is acceptable.

    Sponsors and Partners:
    - Upstage
    - MindsDB
    - LangChain
    - Together AI
    - MongoDB.

    We are actively seeking sponsors to support the event and community. Whether it is by offering venue spaces, providing food/drink, or cash sponsorship. Sponsors will not only speak at the events, receive prominent recognition, but also gain exposure to our extensive membership base of 30,000+ AI developers in San Francisco or 350K+ worldwide.

    - Kasey Roh, Head of Biz US, Upstage
    - Raghu Banda, Senior Director of AI, SAP
    - Vivek Gangasani, Sr AI Architect, AWS
    - Anton Polishko, Director of AI, PolyAgent
    - Hrishikesh Garud, ML Research, Google
    - Mariane Bekker, Founder, Founders Bay
    - Prakul Agarwal, AI/ML Products, MongoDB
    - Christy Chen, Founding member, Opus Clip

    Food and Drink:
    We will provide food, drink and snacks throughout the day; appetizers + drinks during the reception.

    MindsDB, 3154 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Q: What to build?
    A: you can build anything, such as AI agent, RAG, applications powered by LLMs, AI assistant, etc..

    Q: How many people can be on a single team?
    A: Up to 5 people can be on a single team.

    Q: Do I have to have a team to participate?
    A: No. We will have team matching, or you can come with a team or solo.

    Q: What experience level is needed to attend?
    A: All experience levels are welcome!

    Q: Do I have to be in-person?
    A: Yes, you and your team will all have to be in-person.

    5+ speakers, mentors, judges

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