Index Conference 2024 (Hybrid)

May 16, 09:00 AM PDT
  • Virtual | Silicon Valley (The Computer History Museum, Mountain V...) ROCKSET
  • 350 RSVP

Index is the conference for engineers building search, analytics and AI applications at scale. It brings engineers building search, analytics and AI applications together, with a focus on the design and development of search, analytics and streaming engines. You’ll see engineers and architects present on how they built systems to scale to millions of users or centralize search infrastructure to serve a number of applications.

This event is free to attend and topics include:
- Search and analytics systems;
- AI and vector databases;
- Streaming data infrastructure;
- Cloud and serverless advancements.

- Virtual or
- In-person: Computer History Museum, Mountain View CA


- 9:00am: Welcome Keynote
- 9:30am: Improving Homepage Personalization at Netflix
- 10:00am: How Cognism Rearchitected In-App Search
- 10:45am: How DoorDash Personalizes the Shopping Experience
- 11:30am: How Miro Optimizes the Timing and Channels for Notifications
- 12:00pm: How We Built Search for Go-to-Market Platforms at ZoomInfo
- 12:30pm: Lunch & Birds of a Feather
- 1:30pm: Vector Search and the FAISS Library
- 2:00pm: How Uber Eats Built a Recommendation System
- 3:00pm: New Architectural Patterns in Recommendation Systems
- 3:30pm: RocksDB Meetup: Scaling Uber's Docstore Database

This event is hosted by AICamp partner: Rockset.

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30+ Speakers

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