AI Meetup (April): AI, GenAI, LLMs and ML

Apr 15, 05:30 PM EDT
  • Toronto (Canada) AICamp
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Welcome to the monthly in-person AI meetup in Toronto, in collaboration with Agnostiq. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI, GenAI, LLMs and machine learning, food/drink, networking with speakers and fellow developers.

* 5:30pm~6:00pm: Checkin, Food/drink and networking
* 6:00pm~8:00pm: Tech talks and Q&A
* 8:00pm~9:00pm: Open discussion and Mixer

Tech Talk: Deploying fine-tuned language models: From start to finish, in nothing but Python
Speaker: Ara Ghukasyan (Agnostiq)
Abstract:What does it take to fine-tune and deploy a customized LLM on state-of-the-art cloud hardware? In this talk, we explore a fully Pythonic solution to this problem, using just a few extra lines on top of ordinary code. No cloud expertise is required to follow along. We’ll start with a simple example and scale things gradually to arrive at a powerful, high-compute workflow that creates a “model inference” service with a custom API—all within the confines of a Jupyter Notebook!

Tech Talk: The role of knowledge graphs in RAG
Speaker: Prashanth Rao (Kùzu)
Abstract: In this talk, we will explore some of the ways in which knowledge graphs are used in conjunctions with LLMs and graph databases to power RAG systems that provide insights from structured or unstructured data. We will also highlight some practical methods on how to build RAG systems that utilize the power of graphs.

Tech Talk: Secure and enhance your Azure OpenAI
Speaker: Ehsan Eskandari (Microsoft MVP)
Abstract: In this session we look into how integrating Azure API Management with Azure OpenAI can help enhancing loggings and security of your deployment.

Stay tuned as we are updating speakers and schedules. If you have a keen interest in speaking to our community, we invite you to submit topics for consideration: Submit Topics

OneEleven, 325 Front St W 4th Floor, Toronto

We are actively seeking sponsors to support AI developers community.  Whether it is by offering venue spaces, providing food, or cash sponsorship. Sponsors will not only speak at the meetups, receive prominent recognition, but also gain exposure to our extensive membership base of 8,000+ AI developers in Toronto or 350K+ worldwide.

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Prashanth Rao (Kùzu), Ehsan Eskandari (Microsoft MVP), Ara Ghukasyan (Agnostiq)

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