AI Meetup (Special Edition): The Future of AI and Humanity

Apr 02, 05:30 PM EDT
  • Boston (Microsoft New England – 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA...) AICamp
  • 122 RSVP

Join us for a special night where we ask some of the most important questions facing us as we consider the future of AI and humanity. How can we best guide the transition to superintelligence? Should we try to pause all AI or AGI research now to minimize extinction risk? Should we let AIs become our "mind children" and our descendants, to populate the galaxy in our stead? Or should we try to merge with AI? A curated set of futurists will discuss these and other topics they have been thinking deeply about.

* 5:30pm~6:00pm: Checkin, Food and Networking
* 6:15pm~7:15pm: Tech Talks
* 7:15pm~7:30pm: Short Break
* 7:30pm~8:15pm: Panel discussion with audience Q&A
* 8:15pm~9:00pm: Socializing and wind-down

Tech Talk: Will humanized AI be humanity’s savior or successor ... or both?
Speaker: Preston Estep (Mind First Foundation)

Panel Discussion
Panelists: Preston Estep (Mind First Foundation), Brian Delaney (Mind First Foundation), Daniel Faggella (Emerj Intelligence Research)

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Microsoft New England – 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142
Conf Room NERD/1225 Deborah Sampson

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Preston Estep, Brian Delaney, Daniel Faggella

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