AI Seminars (Virtual): The Evolution of PyData for LLMs and GenAI

Mar 26, 09:00 AM PDT
  • Virtual () Outerbounds
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The event is rescheduled (originally set for March 25th) to the new date: Tuesday, March 26th, 9 AM PT | 12PM ET | 4PM GMT.

The live session is at 9AM PT/12PM ET. If you can not make the live event, still register to receive the recording.

​In the March fireside chat, Hugo will speak with Peter Wang (), CEO and co-founder of Anaconda, a creator of PyData, NUMFOCUS, Bokeh, Datashader, and PyScript, open-source legend, technologist, and a student (and teacher!) of the human condition!

Peter has been involved in the open-source Python data science and machine learning landscape since its genesis. In this conversation, Hugo and Peter will set the stage by discussing how PyData, NUMFOCUS, the conda distribution, Project Jupyter, NumPy, and much more went from academic research projects to the fundamental stack for data science, machine learning, and AI around the world today. And then they’ll dive into what it means for the future!

They’ll cover:
- ​The past, present, and future of the PyData stack;
- ​​How it took over the world and is used across the majority of DS, ML, and AI applications, in tech and otherwise;
- ​The implications of the PyData success story for the future of OSS LLM and GenAI models;
- How data scientists and MLEs can build expertise with foundation models;
- ​The role of code assistant tools, such as Copilot;
- ​What happens now with the MLOps and AI in production story;
- ​Where the LLM and GenAI space go from here.
- And much more.

*The event is hosted by our partner, Outerbounds
​Peter Wang (Anaconda)

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