AI Seminars (Virtual): The Zen of Python, Unix, and LLMs

Feb 28, 03:00 PM PST
  • Virtual () Outerbounds
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The live session is at 3PM PST/6PM EST/0AM CET. If you can not make the live event, still register to receive the recording.

​In the next fireside chat, Hugo will speak with Simon Willison (LinkedIn), ​​creator of Datasette, an open-source tool for exploring and publishing data, co-creator of Django, member of the PSF Board, LLM aficionado, coiner of the term “prompt injection”, and an active poster on Hacker News.

Simon is excited about how software can help everybody automate tasks in their work and daily lives, whether they have CS degrees or not. In this conversation, Simon and Hugo will talk about how LLMs, among other GenAI models, have this promise but have not delivered on it yet, and how they can in the future. They’ll cover:
​- ​What LLMs currently are and aren’t capable of;
- ​The rapidly evolving ecosystem, that already allows us to run LLMs on our laptops and smartphones!
- How Simon thinks about democratizing data tools, such as with his Datasette and LLM projects;
- How the Unix philosophy, Python programming language, and LLMs can be combined into a productivity superpower that everyone can leverage.
- And much more. This will include technical dives into many of these topics and we’ll even have a live coding intro to Simon’s LLM Cli utility and Python library!

*The event is hosted by our partner, Outerbounds
Simon Willison (Datasette)

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