AI meetup (Seattle): AI, LLMs, and ML

Feb 06, 05:00 PM PST
  • US-Seattle (GitHub, 10900 NE 4th St, Floor 21, Bellevue, WA 98004...) AICamp
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Welcome to the monthly in-person AI meetup in Seattle. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI, GenAI, LLMs and machine learning, food/drink, networking with speakers and fellow developers.

- 5:00pm~5:50pm: Checkin, food/drink and networking
- 5:50pm~6:00pm: Welcome, Community update
- 6:00pm~7:30pm: Tech talks and Q&A
- 7:30pm~8:00pm: Open discussion and Mixer
- 8:00pm: closing and head to bar

Tech Talk: Monitoring LLMs At Enterprise Scale
Speaker: Bernease Herman (WhyLabs)
Abstract: Machine learning and data science for high-dimensional complex and unstructured data types like images, text, and embeddings is becoming increasingly common, thanks in part to ChatGPT and others. Whether you’re hoping to train your own large language or computer vision model (LLVM) or using an existing offering via API, it is critical that you understand how your system works and is being used in training and production. In this talk, we (1) discuss why monitoring that’s scalable and mergeable is crucial for data science in the generative AI era; (2) how you can practically monitor generative AI and unstructured data; and (3) discuss how we approach these issues in an open source context with whylogs.

Tech Talk: Scope of LLMs in Security Domain
Speaker: Nirmal Budhathoki @Microsoft
Abstract:In this talk, I will focus on the advanced technologies like LLMs and GPT models in the domain of cyber security. We will be exploring the intersection of Data Science and Security. How does current advancement of generative AI models like chat-GPT and other LLMs can help the Security Analysts to do their job more effectively and efficiently? What are the new skills to learn for someone who wants to enter the career path of AI in Cyber Security? In this talk, I will be covering some real-world use cases, and case studies on opportunities and challenges when it comes to big data, machine learning, and Generative AI in the field of cyber industry.

Tech Talk: Images to Meanings to Vector Databases
Speaker: Damon Abraham @Entangled Labs
Abstract: This talk will introduce the development of an open-source image stimulus repository and vector database aimed at enhancing behavioral science research through AI tools. The discussion will overview this project and highlight a specific use case through a planned experiment investigating a possible discrepancy between subjective perceptions and objective measurements of visual perspective in photographs.

Stay tuned as we are updating speakers and schedules. If you have a keen interest in speaking to our community, we invite you to submit topics for consideration: Submit Topics

GitHub, 10900 NE 4th St, Floor 21, Bellevue, WA 98004
* Please arrive before 6PM when the elevator is locked.

We are actively seeking sponsors to support AI developers community.  Whether it is by offering venue spaces, providing food, or cash sponsorship. Sponsors will have the chance to speak at the meetups, receive prominent recognition, and gain exposure to our extensive membership base of 20,000+ local or 300K+ developers worldwide.

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