AI Seminar (Virtual): Chat with Your Data

Jan 26, 09:00 AM PST
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Chat with your Data
Speaker: Muazma Zahid (Microsoft); Sanjay Mishra (Microsoft)
Abstract: Immerse yourself in the world of "Data Dialogues," where developers transcend traditional database interactions to engage in rich conversations with their data. This session unveils the power of integrating natural language processing into SQL databases, enabling developers to build intelligent applications that not only query data but hold dynamic dialogues. Discover how developers can seamlessly chat with their data, opening up new avenues for intuitive and interactive data exploration. This session is your gateway to a new era of intelligent and conversational applications with SQL Databases.

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Muazma Zahid,Sanjay Mishra

Muazma Zahid is a Data and AI leader working as Principal PM Manager at Microsoft Azure, where she enables customers to deploy the most demanding Data workloads on Azure.
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