Workshop (Singapore): Generative AI Workshop with Google Cloud

Nov 29, 06:30 PM +08
  • Singapore (Google Developers Space) AICamp
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Welcome to in-person hands-on workshop in Singapore. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML/Data, hands-on experiences on code labs, workshops, and networking with speakers & fellow developers.

This workshop is in collaboration with Google Cloud, Google Developers Space Singapore. All participants who complete the workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Workshop: Generative AI Workshop with Google Cloud
Speaker/Instructor: Thu Ya Kyaw @Google Cloud
Abstract: Through a collection of labs on Generative AI, you will learn about how to use the models in the Vertex AI PaLM API family, including text-bison, chat-bison, and codey.
You will also learn about prompt design, best practices, and how it can be used for ideation, text classification, text extraction, text summarization, and more.
Topics/Labs included:
* Overview of Generative AI Capabilities on GCP
* Generative AI Studio and PaLM APIs
* Prompt Design
* Vertex AI Model Garden
* Generative AI Use Cases

- The attendees are expected to be familiar with Python programming. Machine learning knowledge would be useful but not necessary.
- Bring your laptop for the code labs.

Google Developers Space, 80 Pasir Panjang Rd, Level 3, Singapore 117372

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