Global AI Dev Day - Bangalore

Nov 25, 10:00 AM IST
  • Bangalore (India) (Red Hat, 10th Floor East, Carina Building, Bag...) AICamp
  • 228 RSVP

Join us for a power-packed night of learning, sharing, and networking at AI Dev Day - Bangalore. We are excited to bring the AI developer community together to learn and discuss the latest trends, practical experiences, and best practices in the field of AI, LLMs, generative AI, and machine learning.

In addition to the tech talks, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with AI developers, live demos by AI startups, panel discussion, and career opportunities.

- 10:00am~10:50am: Checkin, food/drink and networking
- 10:50am~11:00am: Welcome, Community update
- 11:00am~13:00pm: Tech talks, and panel
- 13:00pm~14:00pm: Q&A and Open discussion

Tech Talk 1: Leveraging LLMs for Semantic Search
Speaker: Aarti Jha @Redhat
Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss the development of semantic search utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) with a focus on generating vector representations. These models serve not only as independent search and recommendation engine but also as integral components in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). In this capacity, they act as reliable document retrievers, providing contextual information to language models, resulting in more factual and context-aware responses. Additionally, we will examine the potential applications of this technology within the field of visual search. This includes features such as text-to-image and image-to-image search capabilities.

Tech Talk 2: Choosing the right AI Model deployment approach for your environment
Speaker: Vaibhav Jain @Redhat
Abstract: In this talk, we walk through different scenarios, including the use of Large Language Models (LLMs), to help you choose whether to deploy a single model or multiple models to a server - capabilities you can use today with KServe. We’ll compare both Model Mesh and single Model Serving deployment options including their use of resources, performance needs, and capabilities as well as go through customer adoption examples as well as upcoming capabilities to help you choose the best approach for your use case.

Stay tuned as we are updating speakers and schedules. If you have a keen interest in speaking to our community, we invite you to submit topics for consideration: Submit Topics

Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.,
10th Floor East, Carina Building, Bagmane Constellation Business Park, Ferns City, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru.

We are actively seeking sponsors to support our community. Whether it is by offering venue spaces, providing food/drink, or cash sponsor. Sponsors will have the chance to speak at the meetups, receive prominent recognition, and gain exposure to our extensive membership base of 20k+ in local or 300K+ developers in global.

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