Chat LLMs & AI Agents - Use Gen AI to Build AI Systems and Agents At Scale

Oct 24, 09:00 AM PDT
  • Virtual () Abacus AI
  • 154 RSVP

Join us for a 2 hour webinar showing how you can easily create AI agents to perform a variety of common enterprise tasks like custom chatbots, summarisation, custom data insights, and more.

We will showcase how to:
- Use custom data transformers, vector stores, and custom user-code modules
- Call out to any LLM (GPT-4 or fine-tuned by Abacus)
- Chain data, user-code, and LLM modules together
- Deploy into production and monitor usage
- Learn how to utilize AI agents to get insights from your internal knowledgebase and data

Participants will receive a LLM and AI Certificate for completing the demonstration and creating their own LLM application.

*The event is hosted by our partner,
Bindu Reddy

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