Change Stream Processing with Debezium and Apache Flink

Sep 27, 05:30 PM PDT
  • Virtual | Silicon Valley (Dremio, 3970 Freedom Cir #110, Santa Cl...) SF Big Analytics
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SF big analytics group is very excited to have the second in person meetup event with two great speakers from decodable (travel from German) including Robert Metzger, original creator of Apache Flink .

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm people joining, light food + drink
6:00 pm - 6:05 pm Welcome
6:05 pm -- 6:50 pm talk 1 + QA (Robert Metzger, decodable)
6:50 pm -- 7:35 pm talk 2 + QA (Gunnar Morling, decodable)
7:35 pm -- 8:20 pm free form QA + social
8:20 pm -- closing

Log-based change data capture (CDC) is a key component of the modern data streaming stack, used for data replication, feeding search indexes, low-latency data warehouse updates, and more.

Merely taking data from A to B often is not enough though; instead, change event streams may need to be filtered or routed based on event contents, multiple streams be joined, continuous query be updated, etc. Enter Apache Flink: it lets you do stateful stream processing on Debezium change event feeds. Join us for this evening and learn about:
* What is Apache Flink and how does it work
* What is Change Data Capture and Debezium
* Implementing streaming queries on CDC events with the Flink data stream API and Flink SQL
* Aggregating and enriching change data events in real-time

Robert Metzger, Staff Engineer at decodable
Robert Metzger is a committer and PMC member at Apache Flink. Recently, he has focused on improving the deployment and operation experience of Flink, with a focus on autoscaling and generally working towards cloud native Flink.

Gunnar Morling, Senior Staff Engineer at Decodable
Gunnar Morling is a software engineer and open-source enthusiast by heart, currently working at Decodable on stream processing based on Apache Flink. In his prior role as a software engineer at Red Hat, he led the Debezium project, a distributed platform for change data capture. He is a Java Champion and has founded multiple open source projects such as JfrUnit, kcctl, and MapStruct. Gunnar is an avid blogger ( and has spoken at a wide range of conferences like QCon, Java One, and Devoxx. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.

Venue: Dremio, 3970 Freedom Cir #110, Santa Clara, CA

Robert Metzger, Gunnar Morling

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