AI Meetup - Melbourne

Sep 27, 06:00 PM AEST
  • Melbourne (Australia) DataStax
  • 42 RSVP

Welcome to our in-person AI and ML meetup in Melbourne, in collaboration with DataStax. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML/Data, food/drink, networking with speakers & peers developers.

* 6:00pm~6:30pm: Checkin, food/drink and networking
* 6:30pm~8:30pm: Tech talks
* 8:30pm: Open discussion & Mixer

Tech Talk 1: AI-driven language processing with Vector Search and Apache Cassandra
Speaker: Erick Ramirez @DataStax
Abstract: ChatGPT opened the world to the significant advancement in natural language processing. Asking it questions as if talking to another human, it is able to deduce semantics and context to return relevant information. What if there was a way to retrieve data from your database not with SQL or SQL-like queries but with plain English questions? With a vector database like Cassandra, you can!
With vector search, data objects are transformed into embeddings – vector representations in a high-dimensional space. The embeddings capture the semantic essence of data, enabling more nuanced searches. A vector search retrieves objects which are semantically-related, with an understanding of the context and meaning. Learn how to perform vector searches on your data out-of-the-box with Cassandra.

Tech Talk 2: Enhancing customer experience with a streaming Gen AI recommendation service
Speaker: Krishnan Narayana Swamy @DataStax
Abstract: With all the buzz about large language models, embeddings and vector search, imagine if you could augment your application with a real-time recommendation engine. We will step back and understand how artificial intelligence technology advancements translate into results for an organization and ultimately its customers. We will cover how to architect a simple and high-performing recommendation service using Vector Search and generative AI from data streaming in real-time, built on Apache Pulsar and Apache Cassandra.

Wework, 120 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Google Map

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Erick Ramirez

Erick Ramirez is an Apache Cassandra enthusiast, helping open-source communities as a Developer Advocate at DataStax. He spends most of his days (and nights) responding to user and developer questions in forums, mailing lists, Slack and Discord servers. Other times he does talks at meetups and conferences around the world, writes technical blogs and online documentation for the Cassandra community. Erick has held several software developer and leadership positions across banking and finance, telecommunications, media and advertising, and software industries over the last 25 years. He has been working with Cassandra for 10 years and is an Apache committer.
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