Scaling Real-time Data Processing

Aug 22, 05:30 PM CEST
  • Sweden-Stockholm (Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, 111 57 Stockholm, Swed...) PingCAP
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Scalability, performance, and availability have historically been seen as separate data tables. Up to this point, the common perspective has been that a database system could have two but only some of the three characteristics. The advancement of Distributed SQL as a primary data platform has reshaped these assumptions.

Join the Data at Scale meetup to connect with industry-leading data experts and practitioners. We will explore the challenges and obstacles of scaling data while also trying to achieve optimal performance and availability.

Experts from Bolt and PingCAP will share practical experiences and best practices related to distributed SQL, data warehousing, data engineering, and data for model training.

*Participants will get a chance to take part in a raffle to win a prize.

Agenda (CET):
* 17:45pm~18:30pm: Entry, networking & snacks
* 18:30pm~19:15pm: Introduction to TiDB by Mattias Jonsson
* 19:30pm~20:15pm: Use case by Bolt to TiDB
* 20:20pm~21:00pm: RonDB, a NewSQL Feature Store for AI applications by Mikael Ronström
* 21:00pm: Networking, snacks & drinks

Tech Talk: Scaling Data Platform on Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing
Speaker: Mattias Jonsson @PingCAP
Abstract: Join us as we explore TiDB and TiDB Cloud, a fully-managed DBaaS offering of TiDB. In this tech talk session, we will discuss:
- Horizontally scalable, distributed architecture
- Challenges of legacy scaling architectures
- Enables fully ACID OLTP plus access to deep aggregation on real-time data
- Simplifies the data ecosystem by eliminating the need for multiple niche platforms and the connecting data pipelines

Aleksei iliushchenko
Sr. Software Engineer. A part of the data platform team at Bolt, joined 2022. Have been working on many tech layers and still can not decide which is my favorite. Enjoy playing with new tech and practices to achieve cleaner architecture and maintainability of a system. Big fan of simplicity

Boris Savelev
Site Reliability Engineering Manager. Focused on building and operating reliable systems, scalable and resilient. Including databases. Came to the database world recently from the SRE world. Last 10 years I have run different heavily loaded databases including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, TiDB.

Mikael Ronström
Ph.D in Technical Information Systems and has been working on distributed systems for a long time. He founded the NDB Cluster key-value store that is now used in MySQL Cluster and in RonDB. He currently works on building the cloud-native NewSQL database RonDB. He developed the original version of MySQL Partitioning, MySQL Thread Pool, worked on scaling the MySQL Server and was the founder of the AXE VM virtual machine in 1990s.

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Mattias Jonsson

Mattias has a long 15-year history with MySQL. This includes the time he worked for and also applying his expertise as a Senior Database Engineer at PingCAP, the developers of TiDB.
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