Code that Creates: A Stable Diffusion Meetup

May 23, 06:00 PM PDT
  • Seattle (OctoML Office, 1000 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103) OctoML
  • 146 RSVP

We will host a special edition of the machine learning meetup this month, in collaboration with OctoML.

​Gaming, product design, marketing assets, mobile apps... whatever you're building with Stable Diffusion, come talk about it with other developers in the Seattle area. Food and drinks will be provided.

Tech Talks:
* World's fastest Stable Diffusion 2.1 for developers, by Jason Knight of OctoML
* Get your own multi-model model (just like mini GPT) running in 5 minutes, by Ben Hamm of OctoML
* Browser-based Vicuna meets cloud Stable Diffusion, by Josh Fromm of OctoML + ApacheTVM
* AI Observability, by speaker of WhyLabs

Check out cool demos from OctoML, Web Stable Diffusion and others.

OctoML Office, 1000 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103
- Driving direction: follow Google Map
- Car pool: post to community discussion group on slack (#seattle channel)

*The event is hosted by our partner, OctoML. Sign up for early access to the OctoML compute service to try our pre-accelerated Stable Diffusion 2.1.

3+ Speakers

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