Building an Enterprise Data Mesh and Data Lakehouse

May 11, 05:00 PM EDT
  • Boston (US) Dremio
  • 53 RSVP

Welcome to the in-person data meetup event in Boston, in collaboration with Dremio, Intel.

A data mesh is a data management strategy that emphasizes distributed ownership and management of data as products that can be built, managed, and shared across the organization. From a technology perspective, an enterprise data mesh platform must deliver three important capabilities to domain owners and data teams: governance and security, high-performance analytics, and self-service capabilities.

Join us for beers, light snacks, and a discussion with your peers about how to build an enterprise data mesh, including:
- Why organizations choose a data mesh architecture
- Key platform considerations that enable a successful implementation of a data mesh
- How emerging trends like the open data lakehouse and data as code make it easier than ever for domain owners to build, manage, and share data products across their organizations.

Also receive swags, and have the opportunity to win lucky draw prizes ($150 Gift cards).

Agenda (EDT):
* 5:00pm~5:30pm: Checkin, Food/drink and networking
* 5:30pm~6:00pm: Tech talks: Data Lakehouse and Data Modernization
* 6:00pm~8:00pm: Happy hour: Demos, Workshop, and Beer!

Democracy Brewing, 35 Temple Place, Boston MA 02111 Google Map

3+ speakers

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