ML Monthly Meetup (Microsoft SF)

May 23, 05:00 PM PDT
  • San Francisco (Microsoft SF, 555 California St, #200, San Francis...) AICamp
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Welcome to our in-person monthly ML meetup in San Francisco. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML/Data, food/drink, networking with speakers&peer developers, and win lucky draw prizes.

Agenda (PDT):
* 5:00pm~5:30pm: Checkin, Food/drink and networking
* 5:30pm~5:40pm: Welcome/community update/Sponsor intro
* 5:40pm~7:30pm: Tech talks
* 7:30pm: Open discussion, Lucky draw & Mixer

Tech Talk 1: Declarative Reasoning with Timelines: The Next Step in Event Processing
Speaker: Ben Chambers, ML CTO @Datastax/Kaskada
Abstract: At the heart of modern data processing lies events. Events describe the roughest, most complete picture available of what has happened in the world, and practically every form of data processing ultimately begins with events.
While the power of event processing has increased since the emergence of streaming data processing, current systems are still difficult to use when working on problems that deal with time and order, such as predictive AI/ML. Handling these problems requires a new kind of query language - a way to declaratively reason about events over time.
In this talk, we introduce the concept of timelines. Timelines are an intuitive abstraction for reasoning about temporal values. They support a broad range of useful operations which can be efficiently computed at scale. We will demonstrate the power and differentiation of timelines:
- How timelines allow declarative queries over events and time in a simple and intuitive manner
- Why timelines are ideal for applications such as behavioral predictions, trend analysis, and forecasting, and how existing solutions such as streaming SQL fall short.
- How to execute timeline based queries using the open-source Kaskada event-processing engine.

Tech Talk 2: LLMs with end-to-end encryption
Speaker: Daniel Huynh, Co-founder @Mithril Security
Abstract: Large Language Models have become the new hot topic as models such as ChatGPT have proven their efficiency to answer a wide range of questions, from code analysis to medical answering, through email summarization. However, sending sensitive data to AI vendors creates privacy risks as control of data usage becomes complicated.
We will explore in this talk how confidential computing can be leveraged to enable users to benefit from AI models prediction, without ever having to disclose their data in clear. We will show how BlindBox ( an open-source confidential AI solution can be used to deploy with ChatGPT-like models with privacy, such as Dolly 2.0 from Databricks or OpenChatKit from Together.

Tech Talk 3: AI Innovations of 2023: Navigating New Skills and Advancements
Speaker: Yusuf Saib, CEO @VMO America
Abstract: Join me as I delve into the cutting-edge world of AI innovations that have emerged in 2023. In this talk, I will explore the latest advancements and discuss the new skills required to harness these technologies effectively. From prompt engineering and embeddings to ML Ops and explaining backpropagation to customers, we will provide valuable insights on navigating the post-September 2021 era. Discover how to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape and empower your AI initiatives with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Microsoft San Francisco
555 California St, San Francisco, CA Google Map
After checkin at the lobby, take elevator to the 3rd floor at the Golden Gate West room.

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