Introduction to Kubernetes Cloud Native Runtime Security

Mar 20, 10:00 AM PDT
  • Virtual Sysdig
  • 113 RSVP

Most DevOps teams and admins understand what runtime security is and why it’s important. Yet, runtime security is often overlooked or not invested in as part of the Kubernetes security strategy. It’s easy to understand why: Kubernetes is a complex system. It offers many different types of native tools to help access privileges and isolate workloads. So many, in fact, that teams can become so engrossed in securing the cluster itself, they forget about Kubernetes runtime security. At Sysdig, we want to help teams close that gap.

This talk provides an overview of Kubernetes runtime security in context with a comprehensive “shield-right” approach for modern security programs. You’ll also hear about the landscape of open source tools you can put into production now to protect against runtime threats.

Nigel Douglas

Nigel has a deep understanding of threat detection and response. As a technical manager, he strives to understand the technology and speak the language of CSIRT, SOC, and detection engineering teams. Prior to Sysdig, he held roles in product, alliance, and technical marketing at Tigera, Malwarebytes, Solarwinds, and Google.
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