Workshop: Introduction to Flutter

Mar 02, 09:30AM PDT(05:30PM GMT).
  • Virtual GDG Leuven
  • Free 75 Attendees

This event is hosted by Google Developer Group Leuven.

Flutter is one of the most talked about technologies this year. Flutter is Google’s mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS, Android, and web in record time. The benefits of the Flutter framework to build multi-platform applications from a single code base, how widgets are used to compose the UI and how they form the widget, element and render tree, the widgets lifecycle events, when to use a stateless or stateful widget, how Flutter performance is fast and communicates via platform channels to access native platforms API’s.
Ready to take a deeper dive into the Flutter world?
Join us live for the hands-on workshop for creating a basic Flutter
Learn layouts, widgets ,navigation and a lot more…
Before the session begins, make sure you have the Flutter SDK and a code editor installed.
How to install? go here:

Yogita Kumar

GDE for Flutter and WTM ambassador, she is a Mobile app developer based in London, UK, having 8+ years of professional experience. she enjoys creating Mobile applications in Flutter, including backend services and integration with external systems.
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