Machine Learning Meetup @Nvidia

Feb 09, 08:30PM PST(04:30AM GMT). Add to calendar: Google | Yahoo
  • Bangalore (India) AICamp
  • Free 170 Attendees

Welcome to our in-person machine learning meetup in Bangalore, in collaboration with Nvidia Inception. Join us for deep dive tech talks on AI/ML/Data, food/drink, networking with speakers&peers developers, and win lucky draw prizes.

Agenda (IST):
* 10:00am~10:20am: Checkin and Networking
* 10:20am~10:30am: Welcome/community update/Sponsor intro
* 10:30am~12:00pm: Tech talks
* 12:00pm~12:30pm: Open discussion and Lucky draw
* 12:30pm~ 1:30pm: Lunch

Tech Talk 1: Build Production-Grade Data and ML Workflows
Speaker: Samhita Alla, Engineer
Abstract: Effective workflow orchestration is critical for the successful operation of data and machine learning workflows. While it may not always be at the forefront of considerations when building and managing these workflows, it is crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient operation as the use of ML and data workflows becomes more prevalent within teams and companies. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the nuances of orchestration to fully optimize these systems.
Flyte is a powerful solution for data and ML workflow orchestration that simplifies the process of collaborating, scaling, and deploying these workflows. Flytekit, the Python SDK for Flyte, enables data and ML teams to write business logic as isolated tasks, compose them into more complex workflows, share them within teams, and horizontally/vertically scale compute resources.
In this talk, attendees will learn about the importance of workflow orchestration, the challenges of building data and ML workflows, and how Flyte can help overcome them. They will gain an understanding of Flyte features and integrations, followed by a demonstration of the tool in action.

Tech Talk 2: TBD

Nvidia Graphics India Pvt. Ltd. - Discovery Building
Mahadevapura, Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560048 Map

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