AI-Assisted Data Science: LLMs and End to End Platform

Jan 24, 09:00 AM PST
  • Virtual Abacus AI
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Join Bindu Reddy, CEO of Abacus.AI, & Colin White, Head of Research, for an electric talk about LLMs and AI-Assisted Data Science.

Tomorrow AI systems will be built by AI while data science teams play a supervisory role. Much like Tony Stark instructing Jarvis, data science teams can instruct generative AI to execute on tasks. Abacus.AI will be doing a 1 hr demo of their state-of-the-art AI-assisted data science platform.

We will demonstrate how you can use prompts to create SOTA models, evaluate them and put them in production. Go from prompt to notebook code to production in 30 min. You can do EDA, create plots, generate features, train deep learning models and monitor drift.

This event will kick off with a technical talk by Head of Research Colin White around LLMs and then be followed by the end to end platform demo.

All participants of the workshop will receive a Machine Learning Proficiency Certificate.

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Myles Herrera-Pease

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