AI-Assisted Data Science

Dec 06, 09:00AM PST(05:00PM GMT).
  • Virtual Abacus AI
  • Free 216 Attendees

The future of enterprise AI will be both automated and intelligent. We will review state-of-the-art meta and deep learning techniques that enable data scientists to partner with intelligent systems and create enterprise class AI systems

Data Scientists will be mini Tony Starks, who instruct Jarvis like LLMs (Large Language Models) on how to experiment and iterate on machine learning models, evaluate their results, and operationalize them. These LLMs will in-turn instruct MLOps platforms on data cleaning, transformation, active learning, model operationalization and other components

We will cover how that future will evolve over the coming years.

All participants of the workshop will receive a Machine Learning Proficiency Certificate.

*The event is hosted by our partner,
Bindu Reddy

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