Data Stream Processing Night - Bengaluru

Nov 10, 05:00 AM PST
  • Bengaluru AICamp
  • 138 RSVP

This is in-person only event in Bengaluru, India.


Data streaming platforms provide the tools needed to bring together real-time streams of data. It enables data intelligent, real-time applications and systems, and empowers teams to act on data instantly.

We will host a series of meetup events to showcase some of the cutting edge developments that are happening in data stream processing in the open sourced tools and industry. We will invite the PMCs of Apache Beam, Airflow, Spark, Flink, Kafka, etc.. and teams who use these tools to share practical experiences, best practices in building data stream processing pipelines. The community of real-time technology leaders and developers will come together to share best practices and use cases as well as explore the vision and future of data streaming.

Agenda (IST):
* 6:30pm~7:00pm: Checkin and Food/drink
* 7:00pm~8:15pm: Tech talks
* 8:15pm: Networking and closing

Tech Talk 1: MLOps for Batch Processing using Airflow
Abstract: Apache Airflow is an open-source task scheduler and workflow manager. As opposed to end-to-end MLOps solutions, it does one thing, really well — run jobs. Airflow comes out of the box with many task types, including PythonOperator and KubernetesPodOperator and . These specific operators mean you can run a Python function or spin up a container, respectively. In this talk we will look at how we can leverage Airflow to schedule and run large scale ML batch predictions effectively in google cloud platform.
Speaker: Joinal Ahmed, Google

Microsoft Reactor Bengaluru
Vigyan Ground Floor, 9, Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Lucky draw
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- Twitter the event with hashtag #datastreambangalore and tag @aicampai . for example:

#datastreambangalore a series of in-person meetups by @aicampai and @ApacheBeam to share practical experiences, best practices in building data stream processing pipelines with open source tools. Free to join:
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Joinal Ahmed (Google)

AI consultant at Google and is a data science professional focused on building solutions with quick prototypes, community engagement, and influencing technology adoption
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