NLP Meetup: Detecting Emotions in Video and Text

Oct 27, 06:00PM PST(01:00AM GMT).
  • San Jose(US) ONE AI
  • Free 26 Attendees

This is in-person only event in San Jose (USA). Pizza/drink will be provided.

Tech talk details:

Natural Language Processing is evolving rapidly. It is become easy to leverage this powerful tech within your code to achieve incredible things, and we will demonstrate how.

Did you think it was possible to extract text from a video and analyze the emotions within it? I will talk about NLP and implementing it efficiently in your code. We will follow it up with a workshop where you will build your own app - so bring a laptop!

What you will bring:
* laptop to follow on the code labs.

ActionSpot, 453 West San Carlos Street San Jose, CA 95110

Daniel Tannor

Daniel is the Director of Developer Relations at One AI. He has been a Software Engineer and Product Manager at multiple companies including Cornerstone and Liveperson. He now focuses on making it easy for Engineers to implement Language AI in their code.
The event ended.
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