Hands-On NLP Workshop

May 17, 09:00AM PDT(04:00PM GMT).
  • Virtual Abacus AI
  • Free 264 Attendees

Join us for a 2-hour deep-learning workshop focused on natural language processing (NLP). Learn how NLP techniques can be used to analyze and understand text-based data.

What you will learn:
- Brief overview of deep learning architectures for NLP including word2vec, RNNs and transformers
- How transformers use self-attention rather than RNNs to model language
- Create and train modern NLP models for specialized use-cases like classification, name entity recognition (NER), and sentiment analysis
- Deploy and optimize NLP models for live applications.

All participants of the workshop will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Natural Language Processing in Deep Learning.

*The event is hosted by our partner, abacus.ai.
James lloyd

machine learning engingeer lead at abcuas ai
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