NLP: How to Pre-train Your Transformer

Apr 18, 10:00AM PDT(05:00PM GMT).
  • Free 253 Attendees

In this session, Leandro will discuss the new OReilly book "Natural Language Processing with Transformers” he co-authored and highlight some of the techniques and challenges that arise when training these models from scratch.

A focus of this session will be on the creation of CodeParrot - a large GPT-2 model that is trained on (almost) all of the Python source code on GitHub!

Lucky draw prizes

We will raffle 5 winners for the book during the event. To enter the lucky draw, please complete one of the two steps:
- Twitter the event with hashtag #nlpaicamp and tag @aicampai . for example:

#nlpaicamp online AI/ML tech talk series by @aicampai: Leandro (ML engineering from Hugging Face) is discussing NLP with transformers. Free RSVP:
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* print copy for winners in US and e-book for winners outside US.
Leandro Werra(Hugging Face)

Machine Learning Engineer at Hugging Face. He has years of industry experience bringing NLP projects to production by working across the whole machine learning stack, and is the creator of a popular Python library that combines Transformers with reinforcement learning
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