Providing Consistent and Real-Time Analytics

Mar 29, 10:00AM PDT(05:00PM GMT).
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Building analytics has become faster and easier with the latest advances in cloud technologies. However, current analytical solutions still have critical drawbacks as we strive to provide consistent, real-time analytics for various use cases.

Join this 45-minutes webinar to learn more about how you can solve these shortcomings by using the integration between GoodData.CN, the cloud-native analytics platform, and Dremio’s SQL Lakehouse Platform, which offers real-time, consistent, and open analytics capabilities — without moving any data.
The two main pain points are:
- The physical movement of data between different systems.
- The tight coupling between analytics and consumption.

Featured speakers:
- Martin Svadlenka, Product Manager of GoodData.
- Brett Roberts, Principal Partner Solutions Architect of Dremio.
Brett Roberts

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