Data Science in Practice

Mar 25, 10:30AM PDT(05:30PM GMT).
  • Free 62 Attendees

This event is hosted by the AI community in Leuven, Belgium.

We have two great speakers in AI, ML and data science and data project management.

- Tech talk 1: Intro to big data and ML with Google Cloud, by Koen Maes from Google.
In this session, I will present BigQuery ML, a solution for Machine Learning built-in to the Google data warehouse solution BigQuery.

- Tech talk 2: Intelligent Business Agility, by Felice Pescatore.
In this session, I will talk about how AI could support teams in their experiments in Agile scope.

Koen Maes (Google)

Koen Maes
Google cloud platform authorized trainer, a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect and Data Engineer.
Felice Pescatore
Agile business Coach
The event ended.
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