StateOfTheArt() - Applied AI Conference

Mar 24, 09:00AM PDT(04:00PM GMT).
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On March 24th, Abacus.AI’s iconic StateoftheArt() conference is returning. We are lucky to be joined by Pieter Abbeel, a prominent voice within robotics and deep reinforcement learning, renowned UC Berkeley researcher and President of CoVariant. Tune in as he discusses the future of robotics.

We will also feature a discussion about efficiency and robustness in AI with the legendary Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Institute Chair Professor at IIT Bombay, a university climbing quickly through the ranks

Other notable highlights include a session on the power of real-time machine learning with the President of Confluent, Data Science Leader at Home Depot and Shipt. Home Depot has been one of the few companies to have deep learning in production. We will also deep-dive into AI across industries: explore the revolutionary AI program, AlphaFold with Columbia Professor Mohammed N. AlQuraish, and examine how AI is utilized in popular companies such as FedEx, Macy’s, and ADP. Finally, we will round it off with a fireside chat with Microsoft Researcher Debadeepta Dey about automating AI.

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