Maximizing Your PostgreSQL Performance

Jan 18, 10:30AM PDT(06:30PM GMT).
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Measuring scalability and reliability in the open source community is a very different process than in the monolithic enterprise. This session will teach you how to approach business continuity from an open source perspective, focusing on the PostgreSQL environment.

What will you learn from this webinar:
- PostgreSQL scalability, reliability and durability will be explored from a decision makers perspective. We will illustrate how it makes your organization more robust in the present and more enduring in the future.
- This webinar distills decades of experience about PostgreSQL deployments into a thought provoking commentary about how open source software scales in the enterprise.

Who should attend:

- Platform decision makers.
- Technology experts seeking to influence decision makers.
- PostgreSQL architects.
- PostgreSQL admins.

Kirk Roybal

Database Reliability Engineer
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