Data Professional Career: Techniques to Practice Rigor and Avoid Ten Mistakes

Dec 02, 05:00PM PDT(01:00AM GMT).
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This event is hosted by SF Big Analytics Group.

We are very excited to have invited the authors of the recent book "How to lead in Data Science" (Book): Jike Chong and Yue Cathy Chang to discuss techniques to improve data professional career path.

This will be very information talks for individual contributors as well as executives.

Trust is precious to build for all data science work. Much of the trust in data and modeling comes from the rigor with which data professionals treat the subject. What are some aspects of rigor required throughout a data professional career?

One aspect of rigor is to detect anti-patterns in your work. Anti-patterns are undesirable data science practices that increase the risk of failure. Just as a chess master can observe a chessboard and articulate which side may be winning, you can detect anti-patterns in your projects and work before they cause irreparable damage.

This talk highlights 10 top areas to practice rigor and mitigate anti-patterns, focusing on four levels of career development stages, across team leads, team manager, function director, and executive levels, with within-team to industry-wide scopes of influences.

We will also giveaway a few books to attendees.

Jike & Yue

Dr. Jike Chong
An executive who nurtures teams and crafts cultures to produce billion-dollar business impacts. He built and grew multiple high-performing data functions in public and private companies and nurtured dozens of ambitious individual contributor data scientists into leaders; some have gone on to lead teams of more than 70 data scientists.

Yue Cathy Chang
An executive recognized for thought leadership and execution in digital transformation. She is passionate about addressing business challenges and often finds herself and her team "parachuting" into situations to tackle challenging and meaningful data needs. Cathy has led teams and functions at blue-chip enterprises as well as startups, across financial services and high-tech industries. She is currently an AVP in banking and financial services at an American multinational technology corporation.

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