Practical Weak Supervision with Snorkel and Azure

Dec 02, 10:00AM PDT(06:00PM GMT).
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This tech talk is based on The event is based on the recently published OReilly Book "Practical Weak Supervision" (Link)

We will raffle for 5 copies of the book. For the 5 winners: hard copy ship to you if you are within USA; e-copy if you are outside of USA).

Most data scientists and engineers today rely on quality labeled data to train machine learning models. But building a training set manually is time-consuming and expensive.

Using Weak Supervision, you can programmatically label your datasets, and get moving with your ML projects.

During this talk, you will learn how to build natural language processing and computer vision projects using weakly labeled datasets from Snorkel, a spin-off from the Stanford AI Lab.

Senja Filipi (Microsoft)

Wee Hyong Tok
Principal Group Manager at Microsoft.
Amit Bahree
Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.
Senja Filipi
Senior Software engineer at Microsoft.
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