Beyond t-tests: Randomization, Traffic Allocation, & Multi-Armed Bandits

Sep 28, 12:00PM PDT(07:00PM GMT).
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This event is hosted by SF Big Analytics Group.

Basic experimentation systems typically start with implementing t-tests or z-tests. But full experimentation systems comprise design, randomization and traffic allocation, targeting, logging, data processing, and statistical analysis.

In this talk we will explore two topics: First we will review some pitfalls in randomization and traffic allocation that can introduce bias in your results, and how to avoid them in your experimentation system. Then we will show how a good traffic allocation algorithm can make implementing multi-armed bandits much easier. This talk will be aimed at a general audience with basic knowledge of experimentation.

Robert Neal

Robert has spent the past six years building large scale experimentation systems at companies like Credit Karma, Udemy, and Twitter. Most of his 20+ year career has been in software engineering interspersed with stints in user experience research, service design strategy, and entrepreneurship. He is currently the Head of Experimentation at LaunchDarkly where his focus is on building tools that help make it easier for LaunchDarklys customers to make better data-based decisions.
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