Winners Showcase of Synopsys 2021 Science Fair

Jun 28, 07:00PM PDT(02:00AM GMT).
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This seminar is hosted by SF Bay ACM Chapter

Talk1: An algorithm to determine eligibility for genetic screening of breast cancer leading to early identification
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. BRCA is by far the most common inherited genes mutation linked to breast cancer, which accounts for 10% of breast cancer cases. We made BRCA genetic mutation guidelines much easier for people to use worldwide. We consolidated these complex genetic screening guidelines from multiple sources and leveraged technology to create a simple, intuitive, and intelligent, web-based, user interface, powered by a sophisticated algorithm on the back end, using JavaScript and HTML. We want to help increase the use and adoption of BRCA genetic testing globally on website

Talk2: Cardiovascular disease diagnosis
Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis - Cardiovascular disease causes 25% of deaths in America. Misdiagnosis of cardiovascular disease results in 11,000 American deaths annually, emphasizing the increasing need for improved diagnosis accuracy using A.I. We set out to determine the probability that a given patient has cardiovascular disease using 11 easily accessible features from a data set of 70,000 people. We compared various Machine Learning and Deep Learning models that require only these basic features. We identified and surmounted implementation challenges to develop our final model that allows for versatile applications in rural locations and third-world countries.

5 speakers

Disha G. started coding in 6th grade and has learned many different programming languages. Disha is also actively involved in community service.

Tanvi is interested in programming and medical science. Tanvi also volunteers and enjoys baking. She collected funds for the California Fires and the American Red Cross.

Milind M. is a professional chess player who has attained the title of National Master in chess, with a peak chess rating of 2211. He has placed 1st in the California State Championship and 4th in the National Junior High Championships.

Christopher S. is currently conducting a literature search on stingless bees of Central America with Prof. Chaplin of the Woods Institute of the Environment.

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