Project Debater: From an AI debating system to business applications

Jun 16, 10:00AM PST(05:00PM GMT).
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Project Debater is the first AI system to successfully engage with a human in a competitive debate. It was demonstrated in In February 2019, when the system debated Mr. Harish Natarajan, one of the world leading professional debaters in an event held in San Francisco and broadcasted live worldwide.
In this talk, we will present the story of Project Debater, from its inception to the live debate, and the underlying technologies that enabled it. Following the debate demonstration, we extended the use of Project Debater technologies to other natural language problems. We packaged the Project Debater technologies into a set of separate services, which we now offer in the Debater Early Access Program. We will discuss these services and how they can be used to solve real-world problems.

Elad Venezian(IBM AI)

Research Staff Member at IBM Research AI. He is currently the chief architect of Project Debater with a focus on making Project Debater technologies available to academia and business. Prior to this role, Elad served in different technical and leadership roles in the Project Debater grand challenge, among them leading the speech generation team. Elad received his M.Sc. from the faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Tel Aviv University, where his research focused on non-linear systems. .
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