Deep Reinforcement Learning and Its Applications

Apr 28, 06:00PM PDT(01:00AM GMT).
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What is the most exciting AI news in recent years? AlphaGo!
What are key techniques for AlphaGo? Deep learning and reinforcement learning (RL)!
What are application areas for deep RL? A lot! In fact, besides games, deep RL has been making tremendous achievements in diverse areas like recommender systems and robotics.

In this talk, we will introduce deep reinforcement learning, present several applications, and discuss issues and potential solutions for successfully applying deep RL in real life scenarios.

Yuxi Li

He is the lead guest editor for a Machine Learning Special Issue, the lead co-chairs for an ICML 2019~2020 virtual workshop, all on reinforcement learning for real life. He has published refereed papers at venues such as NIPS, AISTATS, and INFOCOM. He serves as TPC Members/reviewers for conferences and journals, like AAAI 2019-2021, ACM Computing Surveys, TKDD, and PLOS ONE, etc. He obtained the PhD in computer science from the University of Alberta and was a postdoc there. He founded in Canada.
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