Applied AI Summit 2021

Feb 24, 08:45 AM PST
  • Virtual () Abacus AI
  • 2692 RSVP
This is half-day interactive event with AI and ML leaders from Google, Facebook, Academia, Goldman Sachs and Anthem Insurance.
As AI and ML become ubiquitous, there are still some hard science problems in Enterprise AI that need to be addressed. We will dive deep into the state of Applied AI today, outline some of the challenges and address how best to combat those challenges. The event features a blend of fireside chats, tech talks and industry applications:
  • Fireside chat with thought AI leaders on the evolution of ML and industry trend.
  • Deep dive tech talks on AutoML, NAS and language models.
  • Industry application of AI in finance, insurance and health-care.
  • Fun activities and lucky draws to win AirPods Pro



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10+ speakers from Google, Facebook, etc..

* Peter Norvig, Research Director from Google
* Alon Halevy, Director from Facebook AI
* Pilar Manchón, Seniro Director from Google AI
* Bindu Reddy, CEO from
* Frank Hutter, Professor and head of ML lab from University of Freiburg
* Marty Chavez, ex-CIO from Goldman Sachs
* Ashok Chennuru, Chief Data Officer from Anthem
* and more
The event ended.
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