Intro to Apache Pinot: Real-Time Data Ingestion to Insights

Feb 18, 10:30AM PDT(06:30PM GMT).
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Apache Pinot is a real- time, distributed, analytical data store which is widely used in the industry today for internal as well as site facing analytical use cases. The columnar data format and variety of rich indexing strategies makes it a perfect fit for running highly concurrent queries on multi-dimensional data within milliseconds. It has out of the box support for Apache Kafka, HDFS, S3, Presto and so on and can seamlessly integrate with any big data stack.

In this talk, we will go over the basics of Apache Pinot and understand what makes it so fast. We will look at a simple use case for ingesting Kafka data and demonstrate how to query this data using a convenient SQL interface. Finally, we will build a simple dashboard on top of this Pinot table using Apache Superset.

Chinmay Soman

currently a founding engineer in a stealth mode company. Previously he led the streaming platform team at Uber for building a large scale, self-serve platform around messaging, stream processing and OLAP technologies. Before that, he worked at LinkedIn and IBM, focussing on distributed systems and security. He’s a PMC member of Apache Samza and also part of other open source projects including Apache Pinot, uReplicator and AthenaX.
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