Machine Learning Rapid Prototyping with Watson AutoAI

Dec 03, 10:00AM PDT(06:00PM GMT).
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Welcome to the "AI Trust, Bias and Explainability" learning series, by IBM AI. In collaboration with IBM team, we host a series of practical introductory sessions to AI trust, bias and explainability.

This is the 8th session:
An emerging trend in AI is the availability of automation technologies that train several models and select the one with best-fit. This automated AI process includes several variations of feature engineering and hyperparameter optimization that aim to improve the model.
In this lab, you will use the Watson Studio AutoAI tool to build a rapid prototype and generate a Python notebook for your prototype. You will then examine each of the steps in the Python notebook to see how the AutoAI performed.

All sessions of the series:

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  • Aug 10th - Explainable AI Workflows using Python. Session 2
  • Aug 17th - Understanding and Removing Unfair Bias in ML. Session 3
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  • Aug 31st - Workshop: Explainable AI Workflows. Session 5
  • Sep 9th - Workshop: Explainable AI Workflows. Session 6
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  • Austin&Will (IBM)

    Austin Eovito
    Data Scientist in IBM, who focuses on the balance of bleeding-edge research produced by academia and the tools used in applied data science.

    William Roberts
    Data Science Evangelist at IBM. Will writes for the IBM Data Science community, and creates technical content for other data science practitioners. He is also a host on the IBM Developer Data Scientist Podcast series, and co-editor for the IBM Community newsletter. Before joining "Big Blue" to build a community around the latest in Artificial Intelligence, he was a consultant with Red Hat specializing in middleware deployments for financial clientele

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