Object Detection with AWS DeepLens and Sagemaker

Sep 02, 06:00PM PDT(01:00AM GMT).
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In this session I will show you how I build an IoT solution to solve my wife’s problem “What should I wear today?”
We will start with how to build and deploy an Amazon Sagemaker object detection model on AWS DeepLens. Next, we will cover how to build a clothes identification system model using Amazon Sagemaker custom algorithm and executed it as a batch transform to save cost. Finally, we will cover how to glue the whole system together using AWS Lambda in a totally serverless architecture.

Agustinus Nalwan

Agustinus Nalwan aka Gus, an AWS Machine Learning Hero has an extensive experience in Deep Learning, building/architecting a large scale end to end AI/ML pipeline and also loves speaking on AI and future tech related topics at various AI conferences to spread his experience and to get more people to join AI industry. Gus is a big advocate of Amazon SageMaker
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