7 Ways Cassandra Can Surprise You in Production

Aug 27, 09:30AM PDT(04:30PM GMT).
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Learn about seven aspects of Apache Cassandra that can have hidden surprises. These aspects, if not deeply understood and used correctly, can result in poorly performing applications, increased resource usage, and in extreme cases, production outages.
Rather than be surprised by increasing costs or a 3am page, this webinar will explore these aspects of Cassandra in detail and look into how best to avoid these surprises through appropriate data models, queries and application logic.
It will cover in detail:
  • Tombstones;
  • Repairs;
  • Materialised views;
  • Secondary indexes;
  • Incorrect Driver settings;
  • Poor denormalisation;
  • Unoptimized queries.
  • Adam Zegelin

    Adam Zegelin is the cofounder of Instaclustr and currently works as a technical advisor and Cassandra expert. He focuses on providing Instaclustrs contribution to the broader open source community on which their products and the services rely, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, and other core technologies such as CoreOS and Docker. Prior to founding Instaclustr, Adam worked on large-scale big data projects with Australian Government agencies
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