Workshop: Build a DL Prediction System Using Keras and TensorFlow

Aug 01, 01:00AM PDT(08:00AM GMT).
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This event is hosted by AICamp Paris chapter, Start time is 1AM PST / 10AM CEST/ 1:30pm IST / 4PM Singapore / 6PM Sydney

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a deep learning model to predict the probability of an employee leaving a company. Retaining the best employees is an important factor for most organizations. We will go through the end to end steps in building a deep learning based application, with an existing dataset, Keras and Tensorflow.


  • Data Pre-processing
  • Data Transformation
  • Building the Artificial Neural Network
  • Running Predictions on the Test Set
  • Model Evaluation
  • Improving the Model Accuracy
  • Derrick Mwiti

    Derrick Mwiti is a data scientist at Namespace Labs. He has a great passion for sharing knowledge. He is an avid contributor to the data science community via blogs.
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