Big Data and AI in Fighting Against COVID-19

Jul 08, 10:00AM PDT(05:00PM GMT).
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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe, big data and AI have emerged as crucial tools for everything from diagnosis and epidemiology to therapeutic and vaccine development.
In this talk, we collect and review how big data is fighting back against COVID-19. We also provide a deep diving for two interesting use cases: 1) Use NLP and BERT to answer scientific questions. 2) Covid-19 data lake from Databricks, Google and Amazon
  • Introduction
  • Supercomputers for Scientific Research
  • Covid-19 Tracking and Prediction
  • Covid-19 Research and Diagnosis
  • Use Case 1 NLP and BERT to answer scientific questions
  • Use Case 2 Covid-19 Data Lake and Platform
  • Andrew Zhang

    Senior manager at AWS, his specialties are big data, machine learning, and HPC. Before joining AWS, Andrew was a data science engineer with IBM. His interest is scaling machine learning in a hybrid multi-cloud enterprise environment. Previously, Andrew was an enterprise architect with Novartis Pharmaceuticals
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