Workshop: OSS Engineering with Apache Kafka

Jun 19, 09:30AM PDT(04:30PM GMT).
  • Free 202 Attendees
Imagine being able to stream in data from multiple sources, create actionable search indexes, and a data transformation engine using 100% license-free Apache to open source technology.
This is not only possible but relatively simple, using Apache Kafka + Elasticsearch + Connectors with Calcite/Lenses SQL/ Streaming that link these solutions.

In this interactive 3 hour workshop, you will get an overview of these powerful technologies respective architectures as well as their practical usage. This workshop will also cover:

  • The merits of open source technology
  • The basics of Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch and Connectors how they interact with one another
  • Deploy the open-source solution locally and configure the connectors to create end-to-end integration workflows
  • How to easily spin-up some clusters
  • Use case discussions currently impacting enterprises
  • Agenda: (Pacific Time, GMT-7):

  • [9:30 - 10:20am] Apache Kafka
  • [10:20 - 11:10am] Elasticsearch
  • [11:10 - 11:40am] Kafka Connect and Apache Calcite and Stream Reactor
  • [11:45 - 12:30pm] Solutions Walkthrough / Wrap-Up Session
  • Zeke Dean

    Senior engineer from Instaclustr, Zeke has many years of experience building big data systems for enterprises all over the world -- from banks in the Middle East to major publishing houses in the United States. At Instaclustr, he works with businesses to solve their messaging, streaming, and integration requirements using Kafka.
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