Workshop: Practice on Apache Kafka

May 20, 01:30PM PDT(08:30PM GMT).
  • Free 259 Attendees
In this 3-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn all the key concepts of Kafka, how to use it correctly in your organization and by the end of this course confidently know how to use Kafka for the right business use cases.
Additionally, if you face any cluster issues, you will securely know how all the consumers, producers, brokers, controllers, zookeeper, partitions, and topics work together.

Agenda (US pacific time GMT-7):

  • [1:30pm] Kafka Introduction and Overview
  • [2:00pm] Kafka Demonstration Lab
  • [2:45pm] Topic Design & Partitioning
  • [3:15pm] Data Keying and Sizing Your Kafka Cluster
  • [3:45pm] Starting your Instaclustr Kafka cluster
  • [4:15pm] Example of how to use Kafka end to end
  • Zeke Dean

    Senior engineer from Instaclustr, Zeke has many years of experience building big data systems for enterprises all over the world -- from banks in the Middle East to major publishing houses in the United States. At Instaclustr, he works with businesses to solve their messaging, streaming, and integration requirements using Kafka.
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