Workshop: Unsupervised Learning and DL-Based Forecasting

Apr 23, 10:00AM PDT(05:00PM GMT).
  • Free 400 Attendees
In this workshop, we will focus on learn anomaly detection and forecasting, the two important and practical problems in machine learning. We will start with intro on what are the problems and deep dive into deep learning based solutions, with hands-on exercise.
The interactive workshop offer both theoretical and practical modules. By participating in the workshop you would be able to:
  • Learn the core concepts behind anomaly detection and time-seres forecasting
  • Experience building 2 deep learning models with hands-on exercise
  • Evaluate RealityEngines.AI as a solution to your AI challenges

  • Agenda (US pacific time UTC-7):
  • [10:00 - 10:10am] Welcome and workshop overview
  • [10:10 - 10:45am] Core concepts behind deep-learning based time-series forecasting and anomaly detection
  • [10:45 - 11:30am] Hands on exercise for Forecasting
  • [11:30 - 12:00pm] Hands on exercise for Anomaly Detection
  • We have much more registrations than the meeting room capacity, if you cannot get into the meeting room on zoom, you can go to our youtube channel for the same livestream. Youtube


    Austin Zielman, ML engineer at RealityEngines.AI.
    Bindu Reddy CEO and Co-Founder of RealityEngines.AI.
    The event ended.
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