Beginner Guide on Kaggle

Feb 27, 09:00 AM PST
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What is Kaggle, how do I use it?
Heard of Kaggle, but havenot tried it out yet?
If you are wondering about how to improve your data science or machine learning skills, perhaps this talk would be useful for you! This will be a fully online webinar [and potentially a series!], where we explore why and how to best use kaggle for your learning experience. If you are thinking of taking the first step in the world of DS/ML, or even if you havenot had any Python experience at all - this will be a perfect introduction for you.
For those with some experience, and want to prove their mettle, we will go through the competitions aspects of Kaggle as well!
Topics to be discussed:
  • Kaggle Notebooks, a containerized environment
  • How to get access to free GPU / TPU use
  • Python tutorials on Kaggle
  • Making the best out of the community
  • Datasets: Working with other GCP technologies and big data
  • Live demo
  • David Tang

    machine learning practitioner, Kaggle Expert x2
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