Computer vision on mobile device and ML for document understanding

Feb 27, 06:30PM PDT(02:30AM GMT).
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This is to livestream the tech talks hosted by SF Big Analytics meetup group at GoPro in San Francisco

Talk #1: Efficient Deep Learning for Computer Vision on Mobile Devices by Sam Tsai (Facebook)

In this talk, we will first talk about a few augmented reality applications that are based on computer vision in the family of Facebook products. Then, we will dive into talking about three deep learning advancements that has enabled the computer vision algorithms that power these applications, i.e., model compression, automatic architecture search, and Mask R-CNN2Go.

Talk #2: Document Understanding using Multi-stage Machine Learning, by Henry Zhang and Vivek Srivastava (Workday)

Workday is an enterprise SaaS company with products and services in the areas of HCM, Financials, Payroll, Analytics, Planning, etc. Our use of machine learning spans across all product areas. Today we will be talking about how we apply machine learning to automate document information extraction business processes which have been traditionally done manually or semi-manually. The techniques we have applied are deep learning based approaches in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. The results are competitive with major public cloud providers and have high rate of automation

Sam, Henry, Vivek

Sam Tsai is an applied research scientist from the Mobile Vision team in Facebook.

Henry Zhang is lead Machine Learning Scientist and Engineer in the machine learning team at Workday

Dr. Vivek Srivastava is the Machine Learning Product Manager at Workday

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